Idre Fjäll
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Idre Fjäll
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82 km
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Summer 2017

Bike season: approx. June 2 - approx. 1 October 2017 (Depending on the snow)

Biking in the mountains - biking trails

There are good cycling routes on Idre Fjäll that suits everyone! On the green trails, children or curious can try their skills. The green trails are flat and easy cycling but also fun and inspiring. Next adventures is the blue trail, rolling like a rollercoaster through the beautiful forests around Idre Fjäll. For those looking for more challenges in the form of slopes and forest paths, we recommend our red trail.

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Cycling at Idre Fjäll is an activity that can be done together. Even if members of your group enjoy different trail lengths or steepness, everybody can have fun in our Pump track or Skills Area. All trails start from the Square, right outside of
Intersport where you can rent bikes. There is also a bike workshop and a shop where you can buy all that you need for your adventure on wheels. All trails are
well marked and there are plenty of rest spots just off the trails.
New this summer are a number of service areas along the trails where you can carry out easy repairs.

If you want to rent a bike, book at least 8 days before arrival.

Idre Fjäll want to offer the most playful bike experience for the whole family!

We wish to continue developing the bike experience at Idre Fjäll many years to come. We want to offer a biking product of the highest quality. In order to continuously maintaining, developing and improving trails, cycle programmes, technologies and services you will need a trail pass to ride on our constructed trails.

Trail pass

The Trail pass also includes access to the Skills Area, Pump track court and the introduction programme Idre Fjäll Cross Country 1.0 & Cross Country 1.0 junior. Revenues from trail pass will go to the development of the biking product. To ride on dirt roads and trails outside our Trail Center, Trail pass is not required.

You can buy your trail pass in the reception, bike rental, ICA, Activity Center or at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel.

Price list Trailpass 2017

June 5-October 1


8-15 years

1 day80 SEK40 SEK
2 days150 SEK75 SEK
3 days225 SEK115 SEK
4days295 SEK150 SEK
week 5-7 days370 SEK185 SEK
Season740 SEK370 SEK

Chair lift

From the top of Idre Fjäll you have a fantastic view over Städjan and the Norwegian mountains in the horizon. It is a red bike trail that takes you down to the chairlift in valley station.

Chairlift runs
Summer 2017

June 26-August 20, every day 10.00-15.00.
Boarding at the base station with bike. Children under 8 years ride for free. Lift passes can be purchased at the reception or at the middle station.

Price list Liftpass incl. Trailpass 2017

June 26-August 20


Junior (8-15 years)

One-way ticket

130 SEK

90 SEK

1 day

255 SEK

215 SEK

2 days

475 SEK

400 SEK

3 days

715 SEK

605 SEK

4 days

930 SEK

785 SEK

Week 5-7 days

1 165 SEK

980 SEK


2 210 SEK

1 840 SEK

Biking Trails

The cycle paths on Idre Fjäll are marked with a similar color system used in the winter. Along the trails there are picnic areas and all the trails are unidirectional.
The green trails are our easiest. We have adapted them so that first-time bikers will have a good experience. No steep ascents or descents, the trail is about 80 cm wide and smooth without large rocks or roots. But just because it is smoothed out, it is not boring, we promise challenges and experiences that makes you want more.


Guided tours

An instructor teaches basic techniques in cross country cycling.


Skills area

A practice area where you can practice jumps, cornering, balance or simply because it's very funny. There will be two levels of difficulty and it is built in wood and stone. Stone coffins can be cycled both downhill and uphill as technique training. The Pumptrack is located next, making it easy to spend many enjoyable hours here. On the Pumptrack you can pump your way around without pedaling. Our goal is that many will dare to try and cope with new challenges.


Rent a bike

Helmet is included in the rental and gloves are also included for the kids. You can pre-book Bicycles until 3 days before arrival via call center and 1 day before on the Online Booking. After that, on-site reservation applies.
Bike rental half day booked on site, subject to availability and can not be prebooked. Half day is 08:30-12:30 or 13:00-17:00

Book your bike Online or (Apply your name, telephone number, height, type of bike and date) or call +46 (0)253-410 00

Contact Idre Fjäll | Tel 0253 - 410 00 | Fax 0253 - 411 99 | E-mail:

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