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Price list: Teams, packages and offers for groups

Prices on cards

Card type


Trailpass cross country

130 sek/day

Training price, biathlon

20 sek/day


430 sek/day

Chip card for skipass

60 sek/card

Read more about skipass, trailpass and chip card here. On this page you can learn more about cross country skiing on Idre Fjäll.

Card type


Junior 8-15 years

Club skipass season*

3125 sek

2345 sek

*Is only sold during the period October 19th to December 21st at the reception. You need to show your club card. Not including chip card, 60 sek.

Prices training camp pre-season 2018

Price example accommodation October 12ts to December 21st.

Accommodation type

Number of beds


Cabin 40 sq m


650 sek/day

Apartment 70 sq m


from 1070 sek/day

Apartment 92 sq m


from 1300 sek/day

Full board Breakfast, lunch and dinner


395 sek/day

8-15 years

295 sek/day

4-7 years

0 sek/day with fully paying adult

Training period November 16th to December 21st 2018

Club skipass day*

265 sek/day

*Has to be pre booked by the club 14 days before arrival. Chip card not included, 60 sek/card.


Alpine track booking

Included in all accommodation bookings on Idre Fjäll.

Training cost biathlon*

20 sek/person and day

Track cost*


Junior 8-15 years


105 sek

65 sek


430 sek

260 sek


865 sek

520 sek

*All prices above is for groups of at least 20 people from November 16th 2018.

Waxing sheds

An hour

50 sek/hour


400 sek/day

Following day

300 sek/following day

Sports hall, gym and swimming


Child/junior 0-15 years


90 sek

45 sek

Hall rent

300 sek/55 min


110 sek, from 16 years


All prices apply to clubs and associations of at least 20 people, the reservation must be made in association's name and have a designated manager responsible for the booking and the group on site.

Prices refer to the above period 2018, other times upon request.

General Rules:

Cross-country skiing; Slots are applied 21/10 - 21/12.

Children under 8 years go free from 16/11.

Trailpass and Skipass are personal.

All prices in Sek and incl. VAT. Subjects to VAT and misprints.