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Price list: Bicycle workshop

Service package


Full service with adjusting of gears, brakes, direction of wheels, steering and crankshaft and wheel bearings as required, incl. work on replacement of wear parts. Material cost is added.

899 sek


Service of gear, brakes, direction of wheels, incl. work for replacement of wear parts such as chain, cassette etc. Material is added.

699 sek


Adjustment of gears, brakes and wheel direction

599 sek


Washing, degreasing, lubrication

400 sek

For other service commitments, a service fee is charged at 290 SEK half an hour.


Repairs bicycle

Puncture / change of hose per wheel

130 sek

Tire mounting / change of tires per wheel

130 sek

Gear adjustment

190 sek

Brake adjustment

190 sek

Brake turns change

160 sek

Switching change

290 sek

Brake pads / blocks change

160 sek

Direction of wheel / per wheel

200 sek

Ekerbyte + Direction of wheels

300 sek

Chain break / Chain change

160 sek

Replacement of tissue storage

300 sek

Change of drive package

500 sek

Replacement of control bearing

350 sek

Airing of a brake

300 sek

Airing of two brakes

500 sek


All prices in Sek and incl. VAT. Subjects to VAT and misprints.