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23 August - 24 August

2XU Idre Mountain marathon

2XU Idre Mountain marathon 23/8 - 24/8 2019

2XU Idre Fjällmaraton is organized at the end of August each year and offers courses of 12 km, 28 km and 45 km. The longer courses give you a rich portion of mountains, with tough hills, technical expeditions, forests and stunning views up the mountain. The 12 km course does not let you down either, you'll experience mountain marshes, dizzying views and are guaranteed to get tired from this track too.

The reindeer Aske certainly wants to have his own mountain marathon for all children. With an arena on the square in Idre Fjäll, there will be full speed already on Friday night and a real trail party. Aske takes care of the warming up and greets the kids with hugs at the finish line!