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Winter activities

In addition to skiing, there are lots of fun things to do here at Idre Fjäll for all ages. Replace the skis for a horse or a bike for a day or peek into our awesome activity center!

Tre Huskyhundar framför en släde


At Idre Fjäll we are experts at skiing. That’s why we made an entire page about only that! Follow this link to find it >>

Other activities on the skiing holiday

Here it is never far to adventure, neither in summer nor winter. Try out horseback riding or go dog sledding. Find the peace in the Mountain Chapel or by going horse sledding. Take the opportunity to experience the sami culture or drive the grooming machine. Travel by the mountain train or with snowshoes

Ski holidays with children

The children are VIP guests at Idre Fjäll. Aske, Idre Fjälls own reindeer, is the children's biggest fan and he keeps a whole ski area especially for the children.

How much does it cost?

All activities cost a bit different, so we have collected all price lists on the same page! Follow this link to see price lists for all activities. They are sorted after summertime and wintertime in order to make it as clear as possible.
Price lists >>

Book your winter holiday

There are many options for accommodation, so there is something that suits everyone. Check out our pages about renting cabins, camping on the mountain or the website of the Pernilla Wiberg Hotel.

Accommodation, ski rental, ski school and more, you can easily book through Idre Fjälls booking page, which you will find here >>

Most activities have Drop in, some do you need to book at the reception and some can you book online.

You can read more about the different activities by following the links in the text or use the menu on the left to navigate.