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Group booking terms


Group bookings:

A group is an association, organisation, school or company comprising of at least 20 persons (not families). Referred to as the Customer.

The booking should be made by a competent person of legal age, who has turned 22, referred to as the Contact person. The Customer should make the booking under the name of the association, organisation, school or company. The corporate identity number should be provided at the time of booking.
The group should, already from the start, have an appointed contact person. The contact person is responsible for the group’s bookings/orders and is the group’s contact person during the stay. For groups with minor guests, at least one person in charge/20 guests should accompany and be responsible for the group. The person in charge should have turned 22. The name, date of birth as well as mobile number of all persons in charge as well as a participant list with the name and date of birth of all guests should be provided to Idre Fjäll, in writing 14 days before arrival. The lists should be sent to fax number: +46 (0)253 401 58 or

Customer/contact person:

The Customer/contact person and those in charge of any minors, are responsible for the group during their stay at Idre Fjäll. The Customer/contact person/those in charge are a part of the group and do not receive any special benefits in addition to the group’s discounts.


Invoicing takes place in advance and the invoice is sent to the Customer. Payment is divided in part and final payment. Part payment covers 20% of the accommodation amount and any cancellation insurance. The part payment should be received by Idre Fjäll no later than 10 days after the booking date. The final payment should be received by Idre Fjäll no later than 40 days before arrival.
For bookings later than 61 days before arrival, only final payment of the entire amount applies. For payments through online banking, the OCR number should always be stated. Payment cannot be divided among different invoicing addresses. For purchases on site the group does not have any credit but instead payment must be made directly, unless agreed otherwise in writing, at the time of purchase of the good or activity..

Ski- and trail pass: 

Pre-orders of the pass, at least 20 persons, should be received by Idre Fjäll at the latest 14 days before arrival so that the group can receive group prices. The group prices only apply during certain periods, see the current pricelist. Pre-ordered passes should be collected in the reception by the contact person.

Ski rental:

Pre-orders of the ski equipment, at least 20 persons, should be received by Idre Fjäll at the latest 14 days before arrival so that the group can receive group prices. Regular prices apply for supplementation of equipment later than 14 days before arrival. The Guest will pay for changes to other equipment on site. Regular prices apply for all changes on site. Pre-ordered equipment should be collected at Ski Center Syd.

Ski school/activities:

Idre Fjäll recommends that orders for ski school/activities be made at the latest 3 weeks before arrival. The number of places is limited.

Full board/food coupons: 

Full board starts with dinner and ends with lunch. A full board card is personal. Food coupons are not personal. Booking/cancellation of pre-ordered food coupons and full board packages may be made up to 4 days before arrival. For cancellation when less than 4 days remain until arrival, Idre Fjäll charges the full price for cancelled meals.

Cancellation or changes to bookings: 

See Booking terms and conditions.


Groups receive 10% discount for collective purchases directly in the store for minimum SEK 500 upon presenting the group certificate (does not apply for pre-orders of goods). The certificate can be obtained from reception during check in.


Unspecified driver accommodation at discounted price, including linen and departure cleaning, can be booked subject to availability. Applies when the group has booked accommodation at Idre Fjäll.

Important information

  • Check in takes place at the earliest at 16.00.
  • Groups which have not ordered departure cleaning should book inspection time with Stugservice (cabin service) at the latest 2 days before departure. Bookings can be made on tel. +46(0)253-41314. Inspection times are between 08.00 and 10.00. The accommodation should be vacated and cleaned when it is inspected. After the inspection time, you can check out in reception. See also booking terms and conditions for cleaning.
  • Departure cleaning is not included, but can be ordered against a surcharge at the latest 3 days before departure.
  • Check out is at 10.00 at the latest.
  • Pre-orders for linen sets should be made 1 day before arrival.
  • For cancellation/changes to bookings, see the booking terms and conditions.
  • Groups should pre-order baggage storage due to limited capacity.
  • Storage of baggage only takes place in intended storage areas or in buses.
  • Buses are referred to the marked bus parking as well as to loading and unloading areas.
  • See separate document.