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Cancellation protection


An optional cancellation protection can be bought to a cost of 350 SEK per cottage/apartment.  For package holidays/arrangements and unspecified holidays, where price/person is applied, personal cancellation insurance can be purchased for SEK 100/person. Cancellation insurance can only be purchased at the time of booking and applies for:

  • Death, illness or accident which affected you, your spouse, live-in partner, family or fellow-travellers.
  • Drafting for the armed forces or civil defence.
  • A serious incident outside your control and which could not have been predicted at the time of booking. For repayment, see further below Cancellation

For cancellation, Idre Fjäll retains the fee of cancellation insurance and an administration fee of SEK 400 per cabin/apartment. For personal cancellation insurance, Idre Fjäll retains the fee for cancellation insurance and an administration fee of SEK 200/person. Cancellation can be made up until the arrival date. A medical certificate confirming the cause of the cancellation is required when less than 40 days remain before arrival. Exceptions: For cancellation of pre-ordered food less than 4 days before the start date, the full price will be charged. We refer to Visita’s general terms and conditions for group and conference arrangements where meals and/activities are included.

Prices valid for 2017.

Subject to VAT increase and misprints.