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Skipass on Idre Fjäll

Två personer i en stolslift 

Your skipass is the key to your skiing experience at Idre Fjäll. You can buy the ski pass directly online, in Reception, in Skicenter Syd or at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel. Keep the skipass in your pocket all through your vacation.

Skipass Idre Fjäll
Here you can skii in Idre Fjälls 40 runs in four different colors from green to black.

Skipass Idre pass
Idre Fjäll + Fjätervålen, 58 runs

Where to buy
You can buy directly Online, at the reception, at the Skicenter Syd or Pernilla Wiberg Hotel.

Skipass direkt
You buy your skipass easiest on the web. If you have your chip card left from previous years, you can easily book online and charge it with new skipass time. Upload your ski pass from the cabin until 10.00 am on the day it starts and you can use it 30 minutes after booking. Remember to have the on the chip card available when booking.

Opening hours
The lifts are open every day of the week from December 22- April 28.

Week 52-17                                                  
Väst 6an, Västliften, Nord 6an 09.00 - 18.00

Week 52-6                                                   
All other lifts 09.00 - 15.30

Week 7-17
All other lifts  09.00 - 16.30 

General rules

The chip card is an electronic card that is loaded with your skipass time. Chip card applies for new purchases and this can be reused year after year. Keep the card in the skijacket pocket with no cell phone or other electronic cards. The card does not tolerate the heat from the drying cabinet!

Skipass night is included from day pass.

The Skipass is personal - may not be transferred to another user.

Extension - 4-day ski pass and more can be extended one day at a time. Not valid for ski pass included in a package.

Skipass insurance is included - on presentation of receipts, we will block your lost ski pass and we will replace your remaining time. You have to pay for a new chipcard (50 SEK).

In case of illness / accident - with a medical certificate you will be replaced for remaining ski pass time. Valid from when the certificate is submitted to the nearest retail location. Not valid for ski pass included in package.

In case of accident - When an emergency occurs, your private accident insurance regards or SLAO skiers insurance if subscribed.

The Day - has begun at the first race, it is not for 24 hours. 

Children - under 8 years of age, skis for FREE throughout the system if they use a helmet. Valid week 52 until week 17.

Reservation for typographical errors and VAT increases.

More information about the ski pass on Idre Fjäll

Skipass system
Idre Fjäll uses AXESS system, which means that you keep the card in your pocket and go through the readers that senses if you have a valid skipass. Do you have a skipass from another resort that uses AXESS you can charge it with your ski days at Idre Fjäll.

Parents card
Parents card is the only skipass that is not personal. It is for parents with young children when both parents are unable to ski at the same time. Both parents can use the skipass, but not at the same time.

Children under 8 years are free
Children under 8 years with helmets skis for free in all lifts.

Discounted rates for youth and seniors
For youth ages 8-15 and seniors 65 or older, we have discounted rates.

Order your skipass already when you book
Pre-book your skipass and you get them in the arrival envelope at check-in.
If you book your skipass later than three days before arrival and the skipass starting date does not match your date of arrival, you pick up your skipass at reception on the day you are going out into the slopes. Remember to state your name, date of birth, adult or junior.

The skipass is personal
Can not be transferred to another user except if there is Parents Card.

Extension of the skipass
Ski pass for 4 days or more can be extended by one day (must be done before the lifts close the last day of validity).
Does not apply to "any 4 days" and "package ski pass."

Skipass prices
Regular skipass prices are valid pre- and post-season, even if all the slopes not are skiable.

Skipass insurance
Included on submission of a receipt. Your lost ski pass will be blocked and we will replace your remaining time. You have to pay for a new chipcard (50 SEK).

SLAO's skiers insurance- only for Swedish citizens
In case of accident you receive compensation for example ski passes and vacation rental if you have to cancel your ski holiday due to the accident. Insurance has no deductible, a medical certificate is required. You can buy the insurance where you buy your skipass.

Limited supply during the pre-and post-season
During pre- and post-season the opening on Idre Fjälls sales locations can be limited.

In case of illness / accident
With a medical certificate you will be replaced for remaining ski pass time. Valid from when the certificate is submitted to the nearest retail location. Not valid for ski pass included in package.