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Ski Holiday with children

Barn på skidor i skogen

With more than 40 years of experience taking care of children on a skiing holiday, we know what we're talking about. We are happy to share our tips and ideas about how your winter holiday with the children will be more fun and easier.

How old should you be to start skiing?

Three years is usually a good age to take on your skis and get to know both the snow and the equipment. Sure it's a little funny to put your feet into a pair of shoes made ​​of plastic? Some children learn directly how to do while other need to practice more. If you previously have been skating or done any other sport that requires balance and motor skills it usually helps.

Equipment for children

Step one is clothing and equipment. Children can easily begin to freeze on hands and feet and it's a good idea to have boots on for a while before you're going out. All children who ski must have a helmet and usually it is enough with just a ski helmet to keep the head warm. ski poles can be left in the cottage.

Teaching children to ski

Let the kids find the fun of skiing, do not start too hard. On Idre Fjäll there are many good children's areas with moderate slope, easy ski lifts and roller conveyor to help the little skiers up to the top of the hill. First and most important is to find the brake. It can be found by forming the skis to a ice cream cone. Let the child itself brake without catching, it might be easier if you set up a pair of ski poles so that you know where the stop sign is.
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Here you get help from professionals

Let Idre Fjälls trained instructors help children discover the fun of skiing. There they are really in safe hands. There are a few things to consider when booking ski school. To get a good start, the child must be in the right group. When you book ski school do you assess the child's level and it should be as realistic as possible. In ski school the children meets friends and learns to ski with much laughter and hopefully no tears.
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