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Children's skiing

Två barn i skidbacken

On Idre Fjäll, the children are VIP-guests!

In all directions on the mountain, there are good conditions for children's skiing. Beside the black slopes, there are both red, blue and green slopes.

On the mountain there are several specially designed children's areas with slight slope, roller conveyor and button lifts going really slowly. Here you as a parent can help your children in their first attempt in the slopes, and after a while they can take the ski lift themselves.


Children's own adventure land on Idre Fjäll is called Askestigen. At the start, you are greeted by the reindeer Aske and the adventure begins. With ski or snowboard on your feet you ski through the forest and where you will meet Egal eagle and other friends of Askes. The ski trip goes over bridges and you have to be focused when the trail turns sharply. Go slowly so you do not miss any fun.

Ett barn i färgglad overall på väg nerför en brant backe på skidor