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Bakluckan bakery

Fresh bread from our own bakery

Buy freshly baked breakfast bread from Bakluckan. Bakluckan bakery is located outside the entrance to Värdshuset. Selling daily fresh homemade bread. All from classic scones to fiber-rich seed bread.

What makes a morning better than freshly baked bread from a bakery down the street? Arguably nothing. If you are not yet convinced we suggest you try the bread from bakluckan!


Opening hours 2018 - 2019

All opening hours on Idre Fjäll.

Did you know?

The name Bakluckan is a wordplay on the swedish word for the door to trunk of a car. Bak- both means the 'back of something' and it's also a word for baking, and luckan is a swedish bord for a hatch or door.