Going to Idre Fjäll

On your way

Welcome to Idre Fjäll!

It is soon time to pack all your skiing gear and come up to see us. We have gathered some information to make it easier for you.

And remember - drive carefully!


Our check-in times

Fjällbyn, Västbyn, Idre Ski Apartment in Centrum

Check-in from 14.00

Gammelbyn, Skogsbyn & Askebyn

Check-in from 15.00

Centrumbyn, Dalsbyn, Dähliebyn, Söderbyn & Söderhöjden

Check-in from 16.00

Pernilla Wiberg Hotel

Check-in from 15.30 at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel. Please inform us about late arrival (after 20.00). Phone no: +46 (0)253-59 30 65. If reception is closed, your key is in the pick-up box at the hotel entrance.

Groups & unspecified accommodation

Check-in from 16.00 at the Centrum reception

Check-in information

Check-in during peak season (Dec 21-Apr 5)

Saturdays and Sundays 14.00 -19.00
Check-in at our Drive thru, Idre Fjällvägen 2, on the right hand side as you have turned right to Idre Fjäll.
Between 19.00-21.00 the check-in is at reception in Centrum.
Late arrival (after 21.00): Find your check-in information and key in our pick-up box by the bus stop in Centrum.

Mondays - Fridays
All check-in at reception in Centrum from 14.00*.
When the reception in Centrum is closed (please see our opening hours) you will find your check-in information and key in our pick-up box by the bus stop in Centrum.

*Idre Fjäll reserves the right to make any changes to check-in due to snow clearing and other unforeseen events related to the accommodation. If you arrive early please note that you are not allowed to park outside of your accomodation due to snow clearing. Please use our public parkinglots.

Tips for your trip

  • Have your booking confirmation close to make the check - in as easy as possible. There is also all the information you need.
  • Make sure you have packed clothes for different weathers - it changes fast on the mountain. Layer clothing, hardshell jacket and warm clothes for the season are good to have. 
  • Soap, spices, candles and toilet paper are good things to bring but also available in our ICA shop.
  • You can rent bedding and towels here if you don't have room in your luggage. 

Going by car

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