Going to Idre Fjäll

Welcome to Idre Fjäll!

It is soon time to pack all your outdoor gear and come up to see us. We have gathered some information to make it easier for you.

And remember - drive carefully!

Safety advice for guests of Idre Fjäll

At Idre Fjäll we do as much as we can to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. We want you to be able to relax and breathe the fresh air of the mountains in peace and quiet. Therefore, we have taken measures to reduce contact areas and we are constantly working on new solutions.

Here is out best advice to minimize contact areas and to make your trip safer.

Prepare your trip

Buy your medicines at home
Idre does not have a pharmacy, therefore we want to remind you to bring any pharmaceuticals with you from home.

Bring packed lunch for the roadtrip here
We recommend our guests to bring lunch bags to the car ride to us to avoid contact areas. We also want to encourage guests to concider if the stop you make on your way here is really necessary.

Free delivery of pre booked ski rentals  
If you book our equipment no later than 3 days before arrival we will ship it to your Idre Fjäll residence at no exra cost. Only applies to residents at Idre Fjäll.
To get your eqipment delivered, call the booking: 0253-410 00

Load or buy your skipass online
When you buy your skipass online you don't have to wait in line. You will recieve a QR code you can use to pick up your skipass directly in one of our pick-up boxes. We have one located in the reception and one a Skicenter Syd.
You can also charge your own skipass online.
Buy your skipass here

When you arrive

Extended opening hours for check-in
In order to make your stay as smooth as possible, we have extended our opening hours for our Drive-thru check-in. Apart from Saturday and Sundays it is now open also on Thursdays between 14 and 19.

When you leave the mountain all you have to do to check-out is to leave your keyes in the key-box at the bus stop, next to the big car park right before the square

When you are here

Order your bag of groceries from ICA
Do you know that you can order your food online and pick up your prepackaged bag of groceries at ICA? You can also get your food delivered to your Idre Fjäll residence, email directly to ICA Idre Fjäll.
Read more here

We also want to encourage our guests to review your possibilities to bring food with you from home in order to avoid contact areas as far as possible.

Bring your food to your cabin
Most of our restaurants now offer Take Away food, Understället and PW Kök & Bar are among them. Vildmarksnästet also offers free home delivery. 
See our restaurants here

Check in information

Check in cabins & apartments

After 16.00 your can pick up your keys from the keybox on the Square/Torget. PLEASE NOTE: no check in at reception, due to safety reasons. 

Check in at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel from 15.30. If you arrive when reception is closed your key is in the key box outside the hotel entrance. 

Check out

You check out by leaving your keys in the drop off box by the bus station. At Pernilla Wiberg Hotel, you can leave your keys in the check-out key box at the hotel entrance. 

Welcome to Idre Fjäll!

Our check-in times

Fjällbyn, Västbyn, Idre Ski Apartment in Centrum

Check-in from 16.00 Checkout by 10.00

Gammelbyn, Skogsbyn & Askebyn

Check-in from 16.00 Checkout by 10.00

Centrumbyn, Dalsbyn, Dähliebyn, Söderbyn & Söderhöjden

Check-in from 16.00 Checkout by 10.00

Pernilla Wiberg Hotel

Check-in from 15.30 at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel. If reception is closed, your key is in the pick-up box at the hotel entrance.

Groups & unspecified accommodation

Check-in from 16.00 - keys in pick-up box at the Square/Torget. Checkout by 10.00

Tips for your trip


  • Make sure you have packed clothes for different weathers - it changes fast on the mountain. Layer clothing, hardshell jacket and warm clothes for the season are good to have. 
  • Soap, spices, candles and toilet paper are good things to bring but also available in our ICA shop.
  • You can rent bedding and towels here if you don't have room in your luggage. 

Health care


You can visit our mountain doctor every morning between 08.00 - 09.00 at the medical centre at the Ski stadium.

Health care centre

You can contact or visit the Health care centre in Särna. Tel: +46 771 11 77 00 alt. +46 23 49 00 00. 
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In case of serious incidents in the piste, contact the nearest Idre Fjäll staff member in order to call our bike patrol. 

More useful tips

Find our opening hours here

Hungry? Restaurants & After ski

Current weather & track status 

Plan your days with our summer activity schedule >>

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