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Skills area

The playground for everyone regardless of age

We want to issue a warning. It's easy to get stucked here, for hours. Skills area is the place where everyone, no matter what age or experience, meet to practice their cycling skills. Here, there is a pumptrack, you can practice balance and curves and also jumps and drops. 

Welcome to the best hang out of the summer and fall!

Skills Area tracks

Balance training

Get used to ride a mountainbike by going over logs and small jumps to improve your technical skills before you´re off to our trails. This is a easy and great start for building confident to ride our trails in a safe and fun way.

Jump line - green and blue

Dare to try to jump with your mountainbike! The blue and green jump line is a great start!

Jump line - red

The red jump line is our most technical jump line. When you´re confident with the green and blue line then it´s time to try the red! Go jump!

Dual slalom

Two trails that run parallel to one another. Doubletrack trails allow riders to ride side-by-side.

Rock garden

A section of trail covered with rocks


This is a technical trail feature where the trail’s elevation changes at a steep enough angle so that your front tire cannot easily roll down to the lower elevation. Tip! Take a bike leasson to learn more about how to ride our drop-zone.

Curve training

Practice curves



Gives you access to all the trails


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