Up for some adrenaline? Let´s go down the mountain without worrying about to speedcheck. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the scenary,  and hey- prepare for some lactic acid. 

Downhill trails

Ner ska du - red

Ner ska du (red) will offer several technical surprises. Here we have built drops and some parts that will challange your technique. Ner ska du is a lovely adrenaline boost and a trail for medium to experienced bikers.

Ner ska du - blue

Perhaps our flowiest trail of all! Ner ska du offers fantastic velodrome curves, the best mountain views and a wonderful adrenaline rush. Suitable for both adults and children. Ner ska du becomes what you make it. 

Askeleden - blue/red

The last part of Askeleden, down to the valley station of Väst 6:an is a fun, fast-paced and technically challenging trail through the forest. It offers nice rhythmic turns in tight serpentines. Askeleden is a blue/red suitiable for the more experienced rider. 

Opening hours for the downhill lift

We plan on opening our downhill lift, Väst 6:an on Monday 22/6.

All days:

22/6 - 23/8

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