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Downhill trails

Ner ska du - red

Ner ska du (red) will offer several technical surprises. Here we have built drops and some parts that will challange your technique. Ner ska du is a lovely adrenaline boost and a trail for medium to experienced bikers.

Ner ska du - blue

Perhaps our flowiest trail of all! Ner ska du offers fantastic velodrome curves, the best mountain views and a wonderful adrenaline rush. Suitable for both adults and children. Ner ska du becomes what you make it. 

Askeleden - blue/red

The last part of Askeleden, down to the valley station of Väst 6:an is a fun, fast-paced and technically challenging trail through the forest. It offers nice rhythmic turns in tight serpentines. Askeleden is a blue/red suitiable for the more experienced rider. 


Our latest green trail, that starts up at Västtoppenand winds down towards Skills Area. This fall it will be finished all the way down to the Väst-6:an lift station. Akka is probably our most scenic trail, with views ove Städjan, Burusjön och Nipfjället. It's a lovely flow trail for the whole family, with 5 viewpoints where you can sit and enjoy the scenery. This is perfect for both the beginner and thos looking for something extra. Akka is about 2 k (5 k when finished).

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