Cycling for young and adult kids!

In the summer the mountain turns into a cycling paradise. Everyone can find their track of choice - challenging downhill or flowy trails. We offer easy tracks for the beginners and more advanced for the experienced cyclists.
All of them with great mountain views.

Cross Country

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In the vicinity of Idre Fjäll, you can find really nice road cycling. Cycle down our mountain towards the Norwegian border, try long distance cyckling to Grövelsjön or cycle up towards Nipfjället and watch Städjan's peak in sunset colours. 

Why the trailpass fee?

Idre Fjäll is a foundation where all profits are reinvested in the resort. We don't make any venture capitalists happy -but that's how we like it! We finance all the development through our operating income and haven't received contributions to develop our cycling product, like many other destinations have. 

So - for now we have to charge a fee to be able to maintain and develop our cycling tracks. Hopefully soon we won't have to do that anymore. Thank you for your contribution!

Our cycling tracks

5 Green tracks

We have 5 green tracks, suitable for beginners

6 Blue tracks

We have 6 blue tracks that offer a little more challenge than the green, but are still suitable for beginners - they are what you make them!

5 Red tracks

We have 5 red tracks, including our new, superfun red stretch of "Alla kan". They offer a challenging and fun ride for those who want to - but are also fun for the more cautios - as long as you feel comfortable on the bike and brake handling.

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