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Cycling for the whole family

In the summer and the fall our mountains turns into a cycling paradise. Everyone can find their track of choice - challenging downhill or flowy trails. We offer easy tracks for the beginners and more advanced for the experienced cyclists. All of them with great mountain views.

Summer and fall 2022

Cycling activities

Our cycling activities:

  • Cycling classes for children, adults, beginners and experienced cyclists.
  • Guided classes in the beautiful mountain nature.
  • MTB cycling with breakfast.
  • MTB skills badge in Skills Area.

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Cross Country

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Locally produced and local mountain cycling

At Idre Fjäll we build our trails as far as possible with material from our own mountain. We saw our own wood and we recycle what we dig up. We use the competence we have at the mountain and constantly strive to get better. We are passionate about cycling and when we build and maintain our trails, we do it with love. It’s important for us that it’s nice not only on the trail but next to it. After all, we think that our view is one of a kind and we don’t want to ruin that.

All trails start at the square, you don’t need your car to access mountain cycling here.

Cross country cycling for everyone

It’s important for us that everyone can cycle at Idre Fjäll. Here, both kids and adults, beginners as well as experienced riders should feel welcome and be able to enjoy the cycling! Therefore we have built most of our trails in a way that they are as difficult as you make them. Most of the times you can choose between a harder and an easier route within the same trail and in many places your speed will determine how difficult it will get. Try to cycle “Alla kan” and see for yourself.

To cycle at Idre Fjäll is to experience the nature. We have cyling in all directions and each trail offers a new scenery and a new environment. Here, you can cycle from the top of the mountain down to the mystery forest.

Buy trail pass

You need a trail or lift pass to use our trails. With a lift pass the trail pass is included. Buy your pass here:

  • ICA
  • Mountainsports
  • The rental
  • You can also buy your trail pass online (link below). 

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Trail map

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Important information

  • Some trails are more technical than others. Warm up in the Skills Area and practice your skills before you are going out in the trails. 
  • Do not forget to buy your trail pass before you start. The money goes to the construction of new trails.
  • Do not forget to wash the bike before returning. You will find bicycle washing right after the tunnel from Torget to Västbacken.
  • Have fun and enjoy the magical nature in the mountains. 

Green trails


Askes pajplajn

Fjället runt

Fjället runt is a green trail that concists of a dirt road that takes you all the way around the mountain. It has one steeper downhill and a few easier uphill. Our blue trails around the mountain start and come back to this trail and you always have the possibility to take any of them for a different adventure. Fjället runt offers fantastic scenery and beautiful nature.


Killivippen is a nice trail that slithers through roller skate tracks and horse paddocks and it also has Städjan as a backdrop. Here you can challenge your balance and practice to cycle over bridges.

Lilla slingan

This is a calmer trail that slithers through the forest, makes a loop and comes back to the same spot as it started at. The trail is made up of bark, natural trail, bike trail and some dirt road. No unexpected surprises here.

Tut tut

If you have bell on your bike it’s encouraged to use it here! Tut tut winds down through our main ski slope and offers a handmade trail with a lot of flow and a few smaller drops that you can choose to roll over or jump from, depending on your speed.

Blue trails

Alla kan

In Swedish “alla kan” means” everyone can” and as the name suggests, this is a trail that everyone can manage. As soon as you can control your breaks, it doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, if you’re a beginner or an experienced biker. This is a flowy path that winds through the forest, down and back and forth and over some rollers and a few small stone drops. Even here you can choose to roll over the drops without jumping them.


A paradise of banked corners! You need to have good control of your bike and breaks to bike here. Askeleden is a fun trail with a lot of flow. At the food of Askeleden you have the chairlift Väst 6:an that takes you and your bike back to the top for another speedy ride.


Jippi is the icing on the cake, a fun continuation to Alla kan, just cross the growl road and continue to fly over rollers, stone chests, smaller drops and banked corners on handmade trails. Or choose to bike slower, enjoy the nature and stop at the rest area to refill some energy.

Ner ska du – blå

Ner ska du – blå is a blue trail that offers fun banked corners, rollers, bridges, shorter stone parts and an adrenaline rush you’ll want more of! This trail is suitable both for kids as well as adults. You need to have control over your bike and breaks. The level is for medium to advanced rider.


“The northern forest” proves that cycling uphill can be fun. The track winds uphill, back and forth and in the blink of an eye you’re up. The reward is a shorter part with a flowy trail downhill before it flattens out again. Out of energy? Take a break at the rest area and get some energy from looking at the scenery over the mountain Städjan.


Pappas nya

Slättvåla runt (premieres 2023)

Our newest trail addition - opens 2023.

Upp ska du

Are you looking for a good workout that gives you a high pulse? Then this is the perfect place, just speed up the pace. With a calmer pace this trail offers a way to get up the mountain with a lot of long curves that goes back and forth. Between the turns there are some challenges for your balance that you can choose to bike up on or not if you don’t want to.




Red trails


Ner ska du – röd

Ner ska du – röd is a red trail that goes downhill. Here you find fantastic banked corners and flowy trial mixed with technical surprises, stone drops, rough parts and a good portion of adrenaline. This trail is suitable for the advanced biker who seeks a challenge and an adrenaline rush.

Slättvåla (closing in 2023)

Slättvåla will test how stubborn you are and at the same time make you sweaty with high pulse. It’s often muddy and a bit rough but it gives you a reward in the flowy downhill biking where the legs get to rest a little. Here, you find some more technical parts to challenge yourself. Slättvåla concists of natural made trail and you get to bike in the beautiful forest.

Sunset cycling at Idre Fjäll

Toppleden brings you to the top of the mountain, every day, around the clock. The best way to spend a summer evening is to bike up on the mountain to enjoy the sunset from the top. The last rays of the sun will follow us on the winding trail through the forest.

Come and try the sunset cycling! We promise fantastic photo opportunities and good memories.

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