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Important information from Idre Fjäll

Here you find important information about current and significant events that may affect your stay at Idre Fjäll.

We're renovating - some disturbances this summer

With the snow gone, we're renovating and building new facilities - everything to make Idre Fjäll better for our guests.  

Som disturbance in Gammelbyn until end of July

This summer we're building a new pool area and repair some roads. This might cause some disturbance for residents at Pernillas Väg in Gammelbyn, due to traffic and construction work. The construction is planned to finish around July 23-25. 

The Corona virus and Covid-19

The world is still in an ongoing crisis and yet people are going on holidays. It might seem strange, but we don’t think it is. We know how important rest, nature experiences and activities are for both the physical and the mental health. Maybe more important now than ever.

We, as representatives for the hospitality industry, have a great responsibility to ensure that our guests enjoy leisure time in safe conditions. At the same time our staff, healthcare and the entire local community make an important and great contribution when we receive our guests. We build on what we learned during the spring and summer and we continuously and coordinately ensure a safe stay for both guests and employees.   

When we now welcome the guests of this summer to the mountains and coworkers back to their workplaces our plea is: Let us tackle this together with cation and solidarity as words to live by.

Caution, where we all care about each others’s safety and security at the same time and where we care for and safeguard healthcare resources around the country. Where we make our choices - in large and in small - with the precautionary principle always as our outset and do not put others at risk unnecessarily.

Solidarity, where we all respect each other’s decisions and look after each other’s needs. Where we take care of each other and make sure we all have a good winter, regardless of whether you are on holidays, competition, training or work in the mountains.

Welcome to our Idre Fjäll!

General measures

  • We encourage all guests to primarily buy their ski passes and ski equipment rentals online in order to avoid queues on site.
  • If purchases are made on site, we encourage guests to shop or book in as small company as possible, preferably alone, to avoid queuing.
  • More outdoor Pick-up boxes to automatic collection of ski passes. Boxes will be available at the Square, at the ski rental at the Square and outdoors at the Square.
  • In public areas (reception, service counters, toilets, meeting places for activities) hand sanitizers will be available for guests.
  • Possibility for home delivery of food from ICA to all residents of Idre Fjäll.
  • The heating cabin at the Ski Stadium will be closed during the winter, except during the opening hours of the doctors clinic.

Measures in lifts & ski systems

To minimize the risk of queues and close contact in the ski system, we have decided on the following measures and tips for our guests:

  • Västtransporten, Väst, Dals, Bjeije and Tunnelliften will open at 8.30 every day to reduce the load on the 6-seated chair lift in Väst. Choose alternative button lifts instead of chair lifts at the beginning of the day and spread out in the system.
  • We have removed the single queues and encourage our guests to ride either alone or with their own travel companion in the lift.
  • We have extra long queue corrals in relation to the number of guests to avoid queue gatherings.
  • Remember to keep your distance to others in case of any lift queues.
  • We encourage you to sit with gaps in between each others in the lifts.
  • We have spread out the meetin points for the ski school and divided the ski school into smaller groups.
  • We will set up webcams in more places around the mountain so that guests can easily follow any queues connected to our lifts.
  • In case of symptoms, staff and the injured person shall wear a mask. Information that symptoms are present should be reported to the doctor and ev ambulance as soon as possible.
  • Minimize the number of people inside the doctor’s office, do not bring relatives unless required. Do not visit the doctors office in case of symptoms of Covid-19! 

Restaurant & entertainment

We have limited the parts of our business on Idre Fjäll where there is a risk of crowds gathering.

  • Understället, Vildmarksnästet and Charlies will offer Take-away.
  • All restaurant & bars follow the current restrictions on serving and offer sparse seating.
  • In each restaurant there is hand sanitizer. Food & cutlery is served from behind the counter.
  • After ski, nightclub and concerts are canceled this winter.

Accommodation & public areas

  • Cleaning routines of public areas, service houses and toilets is extended.
  • Accommodation: all contact surfaces are sprayed with surface disinfectant during both cleaning and inspection
  • Public surfaces and toilets: all contact surfaces are sprayed with surface disinfectant for both cleaning and inspection.

Check-in and check-out

  • Check-in via drive-thru every Saturday and Sunday during high season (Christmas / New Year / sports holiday / Easter holiday) and Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday during the rest of the season.
  • Check-in times are from 15.00 for Fjällbyn, Västbyn, Idre Ski Apartment in Centrum, Gammelbyn, Skogsbyn and Askebyn.
  • Check-in times are from 16.00 for Centrumbyn, Dalsbyn, Dähliebyn, Söderbyn, Söderhöjden and for groups 
  • Other days / times check-in takes place at the intended key box on Torget. V52-13 is the key box at the bus stop. No check-in at reception!
  • At check-out, the key is left in the intended key box on Torget. V52-13 the key box is located at the bus stop. No check-out at reception!

Activity center & reception


Please note! Our Activity Centre is closed week 52-2, due to restrictions. 

  • Continuous surface disinfection on surfaces such as door handles etc.
  • Hand sanitizer at every cash register, in the gym, sports hall, bowling alley and café.
  • Plexiglas at each checkout.
  • Only one guest at a time at each checkout.
  • Distance in the queue, follow the markings on the floor.


  • Only every other course is bookable.
  • The ball is disinfected after each playing time.


  • We continuously perform cleaning and decontaminate the equipment in the gym.


  • We continuously clean and desinfect surfaces in the playroom space.

Indoor pool area

  • Max. 50 people inside at any given time.

Reception / ski center Väst:

  • Hand sanitizer at every cash register.
  • Distance markings on the floor
  • Plexi glass at each checkout.
  • Hand sanitizer station in the queue
  • One guest at a time at each checkout

Shops & rental

Mountain Sports

  • Markings for "keep distance" on the floor
  • We will separate and move the fitting rooms to avoid crowding.


  • Digital queuing system to avoid queues indoors
  • New and own entrance for return of rented equipment in Skicenter Väst.
  • Pre-booked equipment will be delivered to the cabin/apartment free of charge on your day of arrival if your accommodation is booked through Idre Fjäll. Book at least 3 days ahead of arrival. 
  • Rented equipment will be disinfected upon return - this applies to helmets and poles

ICA Nära

  • Possibility to order online and get delivery of groceries to the cottage from Dec 19. We will inform on the ordering procedure shortly.


The doctor's office at the Ski Stadium will be open every day between 8.00-9.00 week 52-14

  • Visitors with any Covid-19 symptoms are encouraged to contact National medical advice line +46 771-11 77 00 and follow recommendations. Do not visit the doctors office in case of Covid-19 symptoms! 
  • When visiting the doctors office, come alone if possible. 
  • In case of accidents in the piste : if the guest has symptoms of Covid-19, our staff and the guest are to wear masks. Staff wears disposable gloves during any assistance.

Health care centre

You can contact or visit the Health care centre in Särna. Tel: +46 771 11 77 00 alt. +46 23 49 00 00. 
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In case of serious incidents in the piste, contact the nearest Idre Fjäll staff member in order to call our ski patrol. 

Tommy Halvarsson

Sales & marketing manager