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On 9th 2022 the authorities has released all covid restrictions – and so do we. We have kept some safety measures to make everyone feel safe, read more about this in the information about our indoor areas bellow. 

It has been a stressful year for guests as well as employees and partners and we want to take the opportunity to thank Region Dalarna who has been an incredibly helpful partner through this crisis.

A light in all this has been all the new and caring guests who have discovered Idre Fjäll. We look forward to seeing you here again on skis, bicycles and on the hiking trails. 

We want to continue to ask everyone to take the safe before the unsafe and to care about each other's safety. 

Thank you and a warm welcome!

Indoor areas

We have kept the lamp with green and red light that signals the amount of guests in our indoor areas. As always, we have good cleaning routines in all our public areas and we urge everyone to stay home in case of symptoms.

We also follow developments in close consultation with local authorities, Region Dalarna and Svenska Skidanläggningars Organisation.

We will contact affected customers if the guidelines will be changed again.


The doctor's office at the Ski Stadium will be open every day between 08.00-09.00am week 52-16.

If you need to see a doctor after 09.00 you contact the reception, phone number 0253-412 53.

In case of serious incidents in the piste, contact the nearest Idre Fjäll staff member in order to call our ski patrol. 

Please remember to continue to be careful and consider each other's security. 

Tommy Halvarsson

Marketing manager

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