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En semester på Idre Fjäll är aktiv, lugn, rolig, spännande – på en och samma gång.

Hela familjen hittar sin favorit på Idre Fjäll, oavsett om det är på våra cykelleder i höghöjdsområdet eller i våra forsar.

Välkommen att uppleva fjällsemester – på riktigt!

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Ski coach

We love skiing and we wish that everyone could develop and have new experiences on snow. This is where our commitment to skiing and training comes in, we want more people to get new snow adventures through development.

Ski coach alpine

Ski coach alpine is targeted to the ski enthusiast who comfortably skis most of the mountain. We will fine tune your technique to allow you to get the most out of your skiing and to ski the way you want to ski. Whether you want to leave to clean lines in the snow, have fun in the steeps or try the latest ski techniques, your ski coach will work with you to improve your skiing and help you find your flow and confidence in your skiing. Together with one of our highly qualified ski coaches, you and the coach will develop a plan that is tailored to your needs as a skier and as an individual. 
If you are not satisfied after the lesson, we will offer you your money back.
Passes are 2 hours. Meeting point, Ski Experience center.
1-3 pers/1460 SEK 

Ski Coach Session

The Ski Coach Session is designed for the seasoned skier who wants to take their skiing to the next level.

Together with one our most experienced alpine instructors you will develop your skiing with a group of a maximum of 4 people. We will film and analyse your skiing on an iPad on the slopes in order to develop your skiing.

The sessions are 2 hours, Monday to Wednesday, and meet at the Ski Experience Centre.

1195kr per person.

Ski coach cross country

Ski coach cross country with Ski Pro Am
From the complete beginner learning either classic or skate technique, or if you would like to practice the timing of your pole plant or improve your kick, we can help you. We will help you find your flow and create the experience that you are looking for on the tracks.

Passes are 1 hour and 15 minutes. Meeting point at the track center at the stadium.

1-2 pers/ 990 SEK     3 pers/1490 SEK      4 pers/ 1990 SEK

Book by contacting the ski school booking at + 46(0)253-412 32. or at the reception.